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Sep. 17th, 2010


♫♩ I'm on the road to become the greatest trainer♬♪

Fun fact: I am 23.

That is really about all the recent news fit to print, sadly. I did spend a glorious if low-key week at Kaitlin's house (who is not only my best friend, but possibly the best friend ever had by anyone). It included, among other things, a trashcan full of maggots! Otherwise, I am unemployed and doing things like jogging regularly, spending too much time on the internet, playing Nuzlocke challenge mode pokémon, and contemplating cutting off most of my hair and wearing it in a fauxhawk except on interview days.

In conclusion, far right of middle row is clearly the child of Finn and The Prince of All Cosmos, and I am going to train the hell out of it.

Jul. 11th, 2010


I know you might roll your eyes at this / but I'm so glad that you exist

For neither the first or last time, I would like to proclaim from the fucking rooftops that I have the best best friend in the universe. She is as solidly awesome as the rest of my life is solidly fucktarded, and the fact that I was assigned naptime next to her back in the day means I must have been the luckiest kindergartner in the universe. (What's happened to said luck since then is a question for another day.)

...and on a related note, anybody else feeling a group Shoebox Project rereading?

Mar. 2nd, 2010


(no subject)

Note to self: staying up past daybreak watching Cosmos is a pretty awesome experience––until you stop making sense to everyone you are talking to and then have a very disturbing set of dreams. From now on I'm sticking to pointless fluff as my insomnia viewing. But how cool is science, seriously

Anyway, my goal for the next two days is to empty Firefox of job listing tabs, which means I get to write 15 cover letters today. A TALL ORDER, but if I keep being unable to sleep I think I will manage. And then I can finally play AAI without guilt! Which, yeah, is needed. I can't even read the list of kink meme fills anymore because more than half of the entries are whited out. And I promised I would not be super-lame like I was with GS4 (where I spoiled myself to the point of reading the game script, what the hell).

And on that note, I need coffee. Maybe I'll even manage to avoid waxing poetic over it, who knows.

Feb. 26th, 2010


The wind wuthers!

So this whole reading-for-pleasure thing is still a little unfamiliar to me, but dear god, it's been fantastic. Only now I am out of Gentleman Bastard novels. Not like I don't have other things I should be reading (and watching and playing), but I love Locke and Jean, and their brilliant plans that go to shit almost immediately, and their epic bromance. It's also rare for a fantasy novel to hit the perfect amount of worldbuilding for me, but these do. Everything's very cool and well thought out, but it never interrupts the action-movie pacing.

Speaking of ludicrously paced things, I love FMA Brotherhood and how it tears through plot at the speed of sound. It makes it so much easier to wait for Certain Characters to make their english appearances.

In other news, I went and took the Census Bureau's employment test. This went pretty much the way these things usually go for me: panicked, got lost, was late, and got a 100 on actual test. So I suppose I might make it as far as an actual phone interview on this one. Exciting!

And finally, yesterday I made these!Collapse ) They're peanut butter cake with chocolate icing, made in star-shaped Jiggler tins because that was what I could find. And yes, I'm proud enough that I took pictures.

Sep. 23rd, 2009


So despite my claims I'd never show my face in these parts again,

I'm ready to admit I'm back on livejournal. 

Crap, now I need like, icons and friends and stuff.